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GogoSing Karaoke Jukebox rent:


1 day Mon-Thu/ CHF 250
1 day Fri-Sun/ CHF 300
For the short weekend Sa+So / CHF 500
For the long weekend Fri+Sun + Sun / CHF 700
Long-term rental possible after consultation!

We deliver or fetch Mo-SO
per Km there and back we charge you CHF 2.
from a driving distance of more than 1h/track
Accommodation costs of CHF 120/night.
Of course you can also organize the transport yourself.
The responsibility for the GogoSing Karaoke Jukebox and delivered material passes over with the delivery of the item itself.

We only deliver or fetch!
If you need to lift the GogoSing Karaoke Jukebox over a staircase or stage, you have to do it yourself!
Our carrier is not allowed to help you with this.
Think about the high weight of the equipment!
The risk of damage to the system or injury to persons by such actions is your responsibility!
There are handles on the left and right side to overcome small steps and the system is mobile on its own rubber wheels with parking brake.
Security and safety:
Before the beginning of the rental period, a security deposit of the rental price plus CHF 200 for the GogoSing Karaoke Jukebox plus CHF 40 for each microphone as well as transport and accommodation costs will be charged.
When the equipment is handed over to you, a check of the entire system will be made, a handover protocol will be prepared and signed by both parties.
Upon delivery to us, a check of the entire system will be made and an acceptance protocol will be drawn up.
This is for your and our safety!
If everything is in order, you will get back your deposit immediately.
If this is not the case, we will offset damages against your deposit and you will get the rest back after knowing the repair costs.
For larger damages you are liable yourself or your liability insurance.
We guarantee the functionality of our system. If it should strike during operation you can reach us 24/7.
A total failure is unthinkable, but we would compensate you accordingly.
A short-term exchange of the GogoSing Karaoke Jukebox is unfortunately not possible.

We deliver the system and accessories only in cleaned and disinfected condition!
Of course it is important not to touch the microphones with your lips.
You can clean the microphones and the input device in between with the provided disinfection cloths.igen.
The use of your own cleaning agents or disinfectants is prohibited as they can damage the system!
For your own protection we offer you the possibility to purchase your own popscreen in the color of your choice.
So you can always pull your popscreen over the microphone basket when it is your turn.
Follow the instructions of the BAG.

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